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U.S. Real-time/Instant Payments

Instant payments for FedNow® and RTP® on a single solution

Deliver better customer experiences, expand your business, and generate new revenue streams

Reduction in time to revenue


RTP® processed in the cloud

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Around-the-clock payment processing

Exceed customer expectations and foster business growth with a single solution for all your instant payment needs

Discover the power of choice

Give your customers flexibility when making payments from when it’s sent, how quickly it’s delivered, and by the cheapest option or based on other account preferences.

Unlock the potential of ISO 20022

Empower your customers with increased options and efficiency, while harnessing the potential of ISO 20022 data to deliver new and personalized services.

Drive business growth

Generate additional revenue streams, outpace the competition, and drive growth by retaining and attracting new customers.

Ready for FedNow®?

Learn how Volante can help you accelerate adoption of FedNow and start generating new revenue streams.

Real-time/instant payments in the cloud or as a service

FedNow® Instant Payments

Are you ready for FedNow? The Federal Reserve launched the FedNow instant payments service in July 2023. Volante can help you get to market quickly with our cloud-native solution, so you can get ahead. Don’t get left behind.

The Clearing House RTP®

The RTP network enables consumers and businesses to exchange funds immediately, at any time. With Volante’s real-time payments solution, you can deliver new products and services to market 2x faster. Join the evolution.

Delivering real-time excellence for our customers

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Unlock the full potential of FedNow and RTP with Volante’s comprehensive suite of capabilities to experience the future of real-time payments.


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US Instant Payments, FedNow® & RTP®

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