Volante Low-Code Platform

Volante provides the only low-code platform with 200+ ready-to-use financial messages.

Volante’s low-code platform accelerates the development of applications built around financial messaging standards. Customers use our platform to create new services, open new markets, and drive greater value. Using the platform’s designer, ready connectors, and services from the marketplace, business and technology users can collaborate to build the next generation of financial services.

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Use Cases

Adopt and Drive Revenue from ISO 20022

As the world of finance moves to ISO 20022, banks, fintechs, corporates, and other financial institutions must ensure they can make the most from their migration. Our platform supports them every step of the way, from simple regulatory compliance to driving revenue and insights from the additional data in the ISO 20022 format. Institutions rapidly adopt ISO 20022 using our ISO Service, transforming messages from existing and legacy standards to the new ISO format with a simple call to an API. Then they expand the value they get from ISO 20022 using the powerful low-code capabilities and data insights delivered by our platform.

Simplify Integration with Corporate Clients

Banks looking to onboard corporate clients faster with a better experience are turning to integration as a key differentiator. Yet, integrating between corporate clients and banks is often painful, requiring countless hours of hard-to-find, specialized developer talent. The Volante platform changes that. Our Corporate to Bank Integration service, allows bank employees and customers to visually map their integrations – improving the onboarding experience for corporates and banks alike.

Extend the Life of Legacy Systems

Most financial institutions rely on legacy technologies to run their day-to-day operations. When changes in standards happen, it can take months to years of effort to upgrade all internal systems to meet those changes. Using Volante’s low-code platform, customers build a process and data transformation layer between their internal systems and new or existing market infrastructures. Volante gives institutions the freedom to evolve to any change in standards or market demand with a low-code development platform that includes built-in connections to major market infrastructures.

Seamlessly Integrate all Internal Systems

Financial institutions have hundreds of different systems supporting their business. Connecting a new system or integrating between this maze of legacy and modern technologies is risky and resource-intensive. Volante’s platform gives financial institutions the ability to quickly connect all systems with minimal coding needed. It dramatically reduces both the risk to core services and the resources required.



The banking landscape is rapidly changing. With new tech savvy and non-traditional banking institutions entering every day, banks have embraced the need for digital transformation. Yet, they are burdened by legacy infrastructure and heavy regulatory requirements. That’s why many of today’s leading banks have turned to Volante and our low-code platform to drive digital transformation on top of their legacy systems. With Volante’s platform, banks can support the digital demands of tomorrow, while operating on the infrastructure of yesterday.

Market Exchanges

For exchanges, speed is paramount. They must deliver transactions near real-time but must also comply with ever evolving reporting requirements. Adding to that challenge, exchanges must pass information between legacy and modern applications across trade, market data, compliance, and accounting. With Volante’s platform, exchanges can rapidly build solutions and ensure their systems work seamlessly.


Insurance companies have many legacy systems that are core to their operations. Unfortunately, they are rigid and complex, slowing down an insurance company’s agility, often leading to delays of 6 months or greater to bring new policies to market. To adapt in today’s market, insurance companies are looking to cut their time to bring new policies to market from months to weeks. Insurance companies use our platform to quickly onboard and manage clients with entirely new, market demanded offerings.


New technology firms are entering the financial sector bringing innovative new services. While they benefit from building on cutting-edge technologies, they often lack the experience and deep knowledge of financial messaging standards required for financial service-based IT solutions. They use Volante’s platform as their secret weapon to managing financial transactions regardless of industry, business, or geography served.

Support the Entire Software Development Lifecycle

Design Applications

The platform unites business and IT, empowering employees to bring data and processes together, creating services ready to run in any environment. It allows business users to visually map how they want their solutions to work. Developers can then begin to build even greater depth within the process flows.

Seamlessly Integrate

Handling changes across financial messaging standards is time-consuming and takes developers away from more value-added activities. Volante provides integration templates across different messaging standards and data formats. These templates are kept up-to-date and allow personnel to create important integrations without being experts on financial messaging standards or system integration.

Create Forms for Easy Management of Financial Transactions

Processing financial transactions often requires input by key personnel or may need to be monitored within business-level dashboards. The platform allows personnel to visually build forms for data review and entry and include those in their workflows. All with an easy-to-use, visual form builder.

Cloud and Infrastructure Agnostic

Public Cloud Agnostic

The platform supports all major public cloud providers. Whether you are standardized on Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, or Google Cloud Platform, the services you create will run at peak performance.

Private Cloud

The platform was designed to support a broad range of runtime engines, orchestration tools, and frameworks. Our goal was to empower our clients to run their services where they want when they need.


Whether you run on a public, private, or hybrid infrastructure, Volante’s platform has the flexibility to support your unique operations model.

A Robust and Evolving Platform

For 20 years, Volante has been synonymous with low-code development for financial transactions. Our flagship Designer application is the bedrock for the message management of many of the largest banks and financial institutions.

Driven by customer need, we’ve built on the success of our Designer application and have brought to market the only low-code, cloud-native platform focused on financial messaging standards. This has given both us and our customers the ability to innovate rapidly to respond to market demand. Yet, this is just the beginning. We continue to advance our platform’s capabilities with the goal of ensuring financial markets continue to grow and evolve at the pace our global economy demands.

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