VolPay™ Cross-Border Payments

SWIFT gpi, Ripple, Visa B2B, Visa Direct and more


Worldwide annual revenues from cross-border payments

Consumers and businesses want better, faster cross-border payments options. Real-time 24×7 services are in demand everywhere, and cross-border is no exception. But traditional correspondent banking is slow, expensive and opaque.

Banks must improve their cross-border services. Next-generation cross-border mechanisms–SWIFT gpi, Ripple, Visa B2B, Visa Direct, and others–are rapidly gaining traction. If banks do not modernize their legacy services, competitors will close the gap.

VolPay Cross-Border Payments allows banks to realize the opportunities of this fast-growing market, by accessing the full range of cross-border payment clearing and settlement mechanisms, traditional and next-generation, in one modern cloud-native platform.

Frictionless Cross-Border Payments: Alternatives to Correspondent Banking

VolPay Cross Border Payments

One cloud-native, API-based solution for all your cross-border payment clearing and settlement needs, from traditional SWIFT correspondent payments to next-generation alternatives.


  • Connect to domestic and regional real-time clearings worldwide
  • US RTP, Zelle
  • EU RT1, TIPS
  • UK FPS, Mexico SPEI
  • Saudi Real-time Payments
  • UAE IPI, and many others


  • Develop new omnichannel customer experiences with our rich API library
  • Unify the supply chain with Request For/To Pay messages
  • Reduce reconciliation time with deep ISO 20022 data for real-time receivables


  • Raise international straight-through processing (STP) rates
  • Lower per-transaction cost and strengthen margins
  • Provide your customers with a wider range of cross-border payment options


  • On-premise
  • Private cloud
  • Public cloud
  • Hybrid models

VolPay Supports All Major Cross-Border Payments Networks

SWIFT | SWIFT gpi | Ripple | Visa B2B | Visa Direct

We view Volante as a critical partner for building Ripple’s new real-time, data-rich payments network.

Steve Mollenkamp, Ripple


VolPay Cross-Border Payments with SWIFT gpi is a complete solution for end-to-end processing of cross-border payments using SWIFT and the gpi network.

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