VolPay™ Real-Time Payments

VolPay™ Real-Time Payments

Real-Time / Instant Payments

First VolPay initiated the first-ever US RTP payment

The real-time revolution is here. The number of countries that already have real-time (also called instant, or faster) payment mechanisms in place continues to climb. The Clearing House’s RTP in the US, TIPS and RT1 in Europe, UK Faster Payments, Mexico’s SPEI, and similar networks enable consumers and businesses in those regions to exchange funds immediately, at any time.

Seize the opportunity. Real-time payments present an ideal opportunity for financial institutions to get ahead of the competition by bringing new customer experiences to market. However, most banks are unable to capitalize on this opportunity. Why? Legacy technology is holding them back.

VolPay Real-time Payments is your quickest path to generating business results from real-time payments. Built on microservices architecture, VolPay facilitates dramatically shortened implementations without ‘rip and replace’ of existing systems, accelerating time to market and lowering project costs.

Lipis Advisors Instant Payments White Paper

Read a recent paper from Lipis on instant payments

Webinar Recording

This webinar, featuring speakers from Poste Italiane, Nets, Volante Technologies, and Lipis Advisors, explores:

  • Resiliency benefits that RTP brings and how European banks can unlock these benefits without sacrificing their existing business or undergoing a full-scale IT overhaul  
  • Challenges banks face in enabling always-on, 24/7/365 payments for their customers  
  • Key considerations for banks in connecting to RTP infrastructures and integrating RTP functionality internally

VolPay Real-time Payments

Deploy new 24x7 real-time value-added services and experiences for all your customers. Connect to a wide range of real-time clearings and manage liquidity in real-time. All in a single rapidly deployable end-to-end solution, on-premise or in the cloud.

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  • Connect to domestic and regional real-time clearings worldwide
  • US RTP, Zelle
  • EU RT1, TIPS
  • UK FPS, Mexico SPEI
  • Saudi Real-time Payments
  • UAE IPI, and many others
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  • Develop new omnichannel customer experiences with our rich API library
  • Unify the supply chain with Request For/To Pay messages
  • Reduce reconciliation time with deep ISO 20022 data for real-time receivables
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  • 24x7 operability and upgradeability with zero downtime
  • Rising payment volumes with the highest performing real-time solution available
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  • New demographics
  • Retail, small business and commercial customers with personalized solutions
  • Third-party providers through real-time open banking
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  • On-premise
  • Private cloud
  • Public cloud
  • Hybrid models

Customer Success

We are creating the building blocks for an integrated payments ecosystem both for today’s needs and for the next generation...working closely with trusted and innovative fintech providers such as Volante and our own development resources helps us deliver sustainable value quickly

Saket Sharma, CIO, BNY Mellon Treasury Services
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