VolPay™ Hub

70% Of banks are planning to implement a payment hub within the next three years. It’s time to join their ranks - but make sure you pick the right solution

New business challenges require new approaches to payment processing. The trends of today–open banking, ISO20022, real-time payments, next-generation cross-border, cloud, and omnichannel servicing–demand the payments technology of tomorrow.

Yesterday’s legacy hubs aren’t the answer. Payment hubs are infamous for being expensive, complex to implement and integrate, and obsolete by the time they’re in production. Banks are right to be wary.

VolPay Hub is different. Based on the VolPay ecosystem of business services, it’s designed to support rapid creation of customer-centric value-added services. VolPay Hub is remarkably easy to implement, integrate and configure.

Think a payment hub isn’t for you?

You’re not alone. Read the executive briefing to understand how VolPay Hub can help you meet your business goals without the drawbacks of legacy hubs.

VolPay Hub

A single ecosystem of business services for payment processing and orchestration. Real-time, API-native, and cloud-ready.

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  • To over one hundred clearings of all types
  • Real-time
  • Next-generation cross-border
  • Partner banks
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  • Develop new omnichannel customer experiences with our rich API library
  • Bring new products to market faster
  • Lead the way with real-time payments
  • Unlock the power of your payments data to enrich customer relationships
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  • 24x7 operability and upgradeability with zero downtime
  • Rising payment volumes with the highest performing payment processing solution available
  • Multiple payment initiation methods, processing schemes, and endpoints independently
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  • Improve straight-through processing (STP)
  • Lower transaction processing costs
  • Improve compliance
  • Lower implementation cost and time
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  • On-premise
  • Private cloud
  • Public cloud
  • Hybrid models

Customer Success

4 out of 5

Four of the top five corporate banks trust VolPay to power their payments and cash management businesses.


VolPay has the broadest and deepest suite of API-enabled services available anywhere, helping you get ready for open banking


That’s how many ACH transactions VolPay was able to process in the cloud in just one hour, in a recent benchmark–more than many organizations handle in an whole year

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VolPay Hub Brochure

VolPay Hub Brochure

From backwater to wild water: strategies for success in payments transformations

From backwater to wild water: strategies for success in payments transformations

VolPay Solutions

Volante offers interoperable, extensible solutions for a variety of payments needs, all composed of business services from the VolPay ecosystem.

Real-Time / Instant Payments

Bring new real-time 24x7 customer experiences to market, worldwide

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Corporate To Bank Automation

Onboard corporate customers faster and win new corporate clients by automating corporate to bank connectivity

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Global Clearing Gateways

Accelerate expansion into new markets by connecting to over one hundred global clearing and settlement mechanisms

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Omnichannel Preprocessing

Modernize your payments infrastructure without replacing legacy payment systems

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Payment Hub

Unify all your payment processing and orchestration functions in a single service ecosystem

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Open Banking and PSD2

Strengthen customer relationships through open banking business models, while complying with PSD2 and similar regulations

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Cross-Border Payments

Expand your service portfolio with next-generation cross-border payment processing and connectivity

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Beneficiary Pay Link

Move from paper to digital by allowing corporations to pay any beneficiary, the way they want to be paid

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Accelerate Payments Integration

Speed delivery, and lower the cost and complexity of your payments transformation projects

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