VolPay™ Global Clearing Gateways

VolPay™ Global Clearing Gateways

Global Clearing Gateways

100+ Supported clearing formats and protocols–the most comprehensive solution available anywhere

Clearing and settlement complexity is on the rise. Real-time payment schemes are coming online everywhere. New cross-border mechanisms are proliferating. Traditional ACH and RTGS clearings are transforming, moving to ISO20022-based messaging and modern communication protocols.

Banks must find a way to manage complexity while creating customer value. Providing innovative services based on new clearing options, and ensuring compliance with established clearings as they evolve, is essential to maintaining competitiveness and opening up new markets.

VolPay Global Clearing Gateways lets banks manage business processing and connectivity across the widest range of clearings available anywhere.

For an overview of how complexity is on the rise in clearing and settlement, read Finextra’s white paper.

VolPay Global Clearing Gateways

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  • To over one hundred clearings of all types
  • Real-time
  • Next-generation cross-border
  • Partner banks
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  • Speed up expansion into new markets
  • Accelerate your open banking journey-all gateways are fully API-enabled
  • Provide new cross-border payment services
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  • Existing legacy payment systems and channels - compatible with any type of payment infrastructure
  • Self-sufficiency - build your own business services for partner bank formats
  • Compliance and regulatory agility - Volante manages all clearing compliance
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  • Cost of onboarding a new clearing
  • Time to market for new clearing services
  • Impact on core systems
  • Technical complexity
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  • On-premise
  • Private cloud
  • Public cloud
  • Hybrid models