ICD selects Volante Designer to facilitate integration and transformation of SWIFT transactions, payments and reports

NEW YORK, LONDON, DUBAI, MEXICO CITY, 24 March 2014 – Volante Technologies, a global leader in the provision of financial data integration tools, today announced the addition of its latest payments customer, Institutional Cash Distributors Technology, LLC, the technology arm of ICD.

ICD is a world leader in the provision of institutional investment and risk management tools. ICD recognized the complexity of the challenge to integrate multiple different financial message types and selected Volante Designer to ease mapping and message integration and enhance their ability to process SWIFT messages.

ICD’s selection of Volante Designer was driven by the firm’s need to process and transform multiple different data formats using a suite of technology tools that integrated seamlessly with their existing development foundation. Using Volante Designer, ICD has been able to increase their messaging capabilities, improve their straight-through-processing rates and has enabled stronger foundations for future growth.

One of Volante’s SWIFT Service Provider partners worked closely with ICD throughout the implementation process providing insight and knowledge into ICD’s internal processes to ensure that all ICD’s immediate and foreseeable needs were met.

Volante Technologies offers easy-to-use, fast and innovative data-transformation tools. Clients use Volante’s products for SWIFT and other messaging standards as well as for the adaptation of their own internal data formats for integration with back-end applications. Volante’s solutions can easily meet new requirements brought about by changing regulation; an on-going and ever-evolving challenge for financial services firms. Volante solutions are both scalable and efficient, enabling businesses to focus on growth rather than the efforts and costs associated with messaging transformation and integration.

Volante Designer is used by major financial institutions, exchanges and industry utilities around the world and allows users to build data integration solutions that handle incoming trade data or financial messages, as well as internal data flow.

Mark Heyner, CTO, ICD, said, “The capabilities of Volante Designer were clear when it was first demonstrated to ICD. Volante offers a well-designed and versatile integration mapping tool that helps us handle complex data integration and maintenance challenges. Furthermore, the Volante solution is an excellent fit for our current and future architecture strategy and development methodology. We are confident that Volante, together with our SWIFT Service Provider partner, will provide a solid business and technology foundation for us in the long term.”

Vijay Oddiraju, CEO, Volante Technologies, said, “We help our customers quickly and efficiently solve their payments and business challenges by providing appropriate technology. Our solutions bring together simplicity, functionality and speed; offerings which we believe are un-matched by other data integration technology providers. ICD required only a single training session to be completely independent from us, and they now benefit from the ability to rapidly develop their own solutions quickly to meet their ever-changing business challenges. We are delighted to welcome ICD to our growing customer base.”