ISO 20022 Migration and Modernization

ISO 20022 is coming soon to a payments market infrastructure near you. Are you ready?

200 ISO 20022 migrations completed or under way worldwide

ISO 20022 is the future of financial messages. SWIFT, central banks, and market infrastructures worldwide are replacing legacy networks with ISO 20022 based solutions. ISO 20022 is the standard for new payment schemes, real-time and bulk, domestic and cross-border.

ISO 20022 is more than just a new format. Banks will need to update or replace their payments and messaging systems, and handle ISO 20022 inputs from customers across all channels, including open banking APIs.

Volante helps with every stage of your migration journey. Our solutions range from basic message transformation and validation to end-to-end payments processing, powered by the industry’s most comprehensive ISO 20022 standards libraries. Available on-premise or in the cloud.

ISO 20022 map
Major market infrastructures migrating to ISO 20022

Volante ISO 20022 Solutions

Message Transformation

  • Transform any message to and from ISO 20022
  • Validate hundreds of different message types, versions, and variants
  • Integrate with legacy systems and insulate them from change

ISO 20022 Gateway

  • Single gateway for all ISO 20022-based clearing and settlement connections
  • Preserve data even if legacy systems cannot handle ISO 20022
  • Enrich, reconcile, and archive messages
  • Monitor, report, and handle exceptions 

Payment Processing

  • End-to-end payment processing, from capture to clearing
  • Communicate with corporate customers using ISO 20022
  • Real-time, ACH/bulk, wire/RTGS
  • Domestic and cross-border

Key Features and Benefits

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Standards Libraries


U.S. Fedwire and CHIPS

T2 convergence

UK New Payments Architecture

Other domestic and regional standards

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Visually defined message flows and exception processing

No hand-coding 

Auto-generated documentation

Auto-generated test scripts

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Open microservices architecture

API enabled

Cloud native, cloud agnostic

SQL and noSQL databases

Outstanding performance

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In this webinar, experts from BNY Mellon, NACHA and Volante discuss the business opportunities and challenges of ISO 20022, and how your institution can make the most of this global messaging standard.

Nacha ISO 20022

Executive Briefing: Accelerating ISO 20022 Adoption Through Collaboration