ISO 20022 Migration

ISO 20022 is coming soon to a payments market infrastructure near you. Are you ready?

200 ISO 20022 migrations completed or under way worldwide

The world is moving to ISO 20022. SWIFT is going from MT to MX. New real-time payment schemes, domestic and cross-border, are being built on ISO. Market infrastructures everywhere are replacing legacy networks with modern ISO 20022 based solutions.

ISO 20022 is much more than just a new format. Banks will need to update or replace their payments and messaging systems, and ensure that they can handle ISO 20022 inputs from their customers across all channels, including open banking APIs.

Volante can help with every stage of your migration journey. Our solutions simplify and automate ISO 20022 message translation and transformation, and speed up integration projects—allowing you to focus on your customers.

Powered by Volante Designer

Volante’s ISO 20022 migration solutions are powered by Volante Designer, a digital transformation platform designed for the integration, processing and automation of messages and data in all areas of financial services.

Read the white paper: ISO 20022 – A simple guide to a complex subject

In this webinar, experts from BNY Mellon, NACHA and Volante discuss the landscape, business opportunities, and the challenges created by ISO 20022, and how your institution can create a roadmap to make the most of ISO 20022.


Executive Briefing: Accelerating ISO 20022 Adoption Through Collaboration

To learn more read the ISO 20022 executive briefing from NACHA and Volante Technologies


Key Features and Benefits

Comply with Mandates

  • U.S. Fedwire and CHIPS
  • TARGET2 / T2S Convergence
  • UK New Payments Architecture
  • Other domestic and regional market Infrastructure initiatives

Process, Transform and Validate

  • Transform messages from any source to ISO 20022 and vice versa
  • Validate hundreds of different message types
  • Normalize, enrich, orchestrate and route

Simplify and Automate

  • Model-driven, zero-code approach
  • Automatic documentation generation
  • Visually defined message flows and exception processing
  • Reduced manual repair

Support for ISO 20022 Migration

Message Standards Repository

Message Standards Repository

Volante SWIFT Solution Accelerators

Volante SWIFT Solution Accelerators

Integration Plug-ins: Covering the standards landscape

Integration Plug-ins

Payments Standards Support

Payments Standards Support

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