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Payments Done Right

Transforms payments the right way so you can focus on your business, not IT. We help banks adapt their business model and realize new opportunities to grow and scale their business, with speed and agility. Gain a competitive edge by redefining the customer experience, accelerating speed to market and accessing real-time innovation, so you can get ahead, stay ahead and beat the competition.

Real-time/Instant Payments

Deliver immediacy and choice for your customers by connecting to Pan-European instant payments and U.S. real-time payments schemes. Ready to adopt? Learn how Volante can accelerate your time to revenue by 50%.

Embedded Preprocessing

Payment preprocessing works seamlessly with your existing technology to improve customer service by providing the best payment option, at least cost and fastest routing. Increase straight-through processing ‘before’ the payment reaches your Core or payments execution system. Not ready to ‘rip and replace’ your current system? Discover if embedded preprocessing is right for you.

U.S. Wire Payments

Process wires from corporate initiation through to direct clearing and settlement connectivity to the Fedwire Funds Service, with the ability to handle 24x7x365 settlement hours and the ISO 20022 messaging standard. Are you prepared for the shifting wires landscape? It’s time to modernize.

PaaS Onboarding: The Volante Experience

Learn how Volante accelerates Payments as a Service onboarding, saving valuable time and resources. Tailor your experience based on payment type, feature-function, transaction volume, and compliance requirements. Subscription-based pricing gives you greater cost control, consuming only what you need to run your business.

Payments Done Right
Instant Payments
Embedded Preprocessing
Wire Payments
PaaS Onboarding

Instant Payments

Deliver cutting-edge instant payments products and services to generate new revenue streams, improve customer experience and grow your business with a modern, scalable solution. With our SaaS solution, we manage instant payments for you so you can focus on innovation, not IT.

Embedded Preprocessing

Volante’s Embedded Preprocessing solution supports payment message validation, transformation, and routing. It provides visibility across your business by unifying payment types and messages into a consolidated system and works seamlessly alongside your current infrastructure, without the need to replace existing systems.


The foundation of payments in the US is changing with Fedwire migrating to an ISO 20022 – based model over the next 3 years. Many banks view this as an opportunity to add broader support for other ISO 20022-based message types yet, every bank is unique, and no one approach to ISO 20022 adoption fits all banks. That’s why Volante offers many different approaches, from an API-based transformation service to a full payments system update and everywhere in between.

ISO 20022 Service

Leading banks and financial businesses use our API-based service to rapidly adopt ISO 20022. Then they use our low-code platform to drive insights from the data-rich messages leading to differentiated services, happier customers, and more revenue.  

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