Navigating the future of commercial payments: Insights into US instant payments

The advent of instant payments has ushered in a transformative era across various industries, reshaping traditional payment methods and fostering innovation and agility.

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Banker discussing strategy with client

ISO 20022 for U.S. banks: strategies, benefits & more

Maharaja Subramanian

Maharaja Subramanian, Senior Director, Product Management and Engineering, Volante Technologies

March 10, 2025 marks an important date in the journey toward modernizing legacy payment systems. This article will provide context behind Fedwire’s impending migration and explain what banks stand to gain from ISO 20022 compliance.

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ISO 20022 messaging: Harnessing data as a product

Chetan Cariappa

Chetan Cariappa, Director of Payments, Volante Technologies

With compliance deadlines fast approaching, banks and payment service providers (PSPs) must work with increased urgency to enable messaging over the ISO 20022 standard.

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The urgency of FedWire migration to ISO 20022: Are you prepared?

Anoop Basavarajaiah

Anoop Basavarajaiah, Director Pre-sales: Americas, Volante Technologies

The FedWire migration to the ISO 20022 messaging standard for wires is scheduled for March 10, 2025. Yet, despite the clear deadline and the potential benefits, many banks remain unprepared or unaware of the magnitude of this transition.

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Shaping the future of payments: ISO 20022 adoption methods and new opportunities

Sashi Mundhra

Sashi Mundhra, Regional Lead – Solution Consulting, EMEA, Volante Technologies

Part 2 of this two-part series explores the angles of different ISO 20022 adoption methods, and reviews new opportunities for collaboration and partnerships between financial institutions, technology providers, and other stakeholders to leverage the benefits of ISO 20022.

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Shaping the future of payments: Impacts and benefits of ISO 20022 standardization

Sashi Mundhra

Sashi Mundhra, Regional Lead – Solution Consulting, EMEA, Volante Technologies

Recently, Volante hosted a webinar that brought together payment executives from leading FIs to discuss the benefits, perils, and paths toward adopting ISO 20022 for cross-border payments. First in a two-part series.

Leveraging ISO 20022 transformation: Moving beyond a compliance mindset

Sashi Mundhra

Sashi Mundhra, Regional Lead – Solution Consulting, EMEA, Volante Technologies

While compliance remains a driving factor in the ISO 20022 transformation, it's crucial for financial institutions to recognize and capitalize on the vast business opportunities it offers.

The FedNow® launch: A leap into the future of fintech

Nadish Lad

Nadish Lad, Global Head of Strategic Business, Volante Technologies

The service delivers instantaneous fund transfers and operates beyond regular banking hours, defying the lags traditionally associated with such transactions.

Payments as a product

Payments as a product: Elevating customer experience beyond instant payments in the Middle East

Ahmed Marouf

Ahmed Marouf, Vice President - MENA Regional Head, Volante Technologies

While instant payments growth in the Middle East appears to be a net positive for consumers, it also poses considerable challenges to regional banks and FI's.

Real-time payments in the Iberian Peninsula

Peter Larsson

Peter Larsson, Nordic Business Development & Pre-sales Lead, Volante Technologies

We look at the current state of instant payments in Spain and the broader Iberian Peninsula, in addition to highlighting some unique opportunities for banks throughout the region to emerge at the forefront of innovation.

Innovation corner: a conversation with Volante’s ISO 20022 service product manager

Lenin Desai

Lenin Desai, Product manager, ISO 20022 service, Volante Technologies

Lenin Desai, Volante's ISO 20022 service product manager, answers some questions on his background and the payments industry.

Volante insights: a conversation with Gareth Lodge on the state of ISO 20022 migration

Christopher Dunn

Christopher Dunn, Director of Product Marketing, Volante Technologies

In 2025, ISO 20022 messages will become a universal requirement for executing cross-border transactions. Volante sat down with Celent’s Senior Payments Analyst, Gareth Lodge, to discuss the current state of ISO adoption within the global financial industry, as well the challenges and benefits of migration.

Payments Experts at TradeHeader Discuss the State of ISO 20022 Adoption

Neil Clarke

Neil Clarke, Ecosystem Development Manager, Volante Technologies

Volante sat down with the head of consulting services at TradeHeader, Aleix Revilla, as well as the firm's founder and managing partner, Marc Gratacos, to discuss the expanding opportunities and challenges ahead for ISO 20022 adoption.

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