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Leveraging ISO 20022 transformation: Moving beyond a compliance mindset

Sashi Mundhra
Director Principal Domain, Volante Technologies

In the world of banking and financial services, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has always had a central role. For many, the mention of ISO standards, such as ISO 20022, inevitably brings to mind thoughts of regulatory compliance. However, a broader perspective reveals that the implementation of these standards—particularly ISO 20022—offers not just a compliance checkbox but also a slew of business opportunities.

ISO 20022 is a global standard for electronic data interchange between financial institutions. It’s a versatile and flexible framework that enables industry-wide standardization and interoperability. While initially the adoption of ISO 20022 might have been seen as a compliance requirement, progressive financial institutions are recognizing its potential to significantly contribute to their strategic growth objectives.

A Catalyst for Innovation

To understand the business opportunities ISO 20022 brings to the table, one must appreciate its core strengths. The standard promotes a common language for all financial communications, enabling greater accuracy, efficiency, and interoperability. In addition to these operational advantages, ISO 20022 offers the basis for creating innovative services and customer-centric solutions.

ISO 20022 uses structured data formats, which improves data quality and consistency across transactions. This provides financial institutions with rich, detailed, and reliable data that can be leveraged for deep analytics, better decision-making, and strategic planning.

Additionally, ISO 20022’s structured data approach reduces the need for manual intervention in transaction processing, thereby bringing down operational costs. The enhanced efficiency and automation can increase the speed of transactions and help institutions offer a more seamless customer experience.

The enhanced data quality and consistency provided by ISO 20022 also significantly improves risk management capabilities. Institutions can use the data to track and monitor real-time transactions, enabling proactive risk mitigation strategies and improving fraud detection capabilities.

ISO 20022 fosters a shared framework for financial communication, which can facilitate the development of new, innovative financial products and services. This can enable banks and other financial institutions to differentiate themselves in the market and offer value-added services to customers.

Leveraging ISO20022 for Business Growth

Banks and financial institutions should adopt a forward-thinking approach when implementing ISO 20022, viewing it not just as a compliance requirement but as a strategic enabler. To effectively leverage ISO 20022, institutions should:

  • Align ISO 20022 with Strategic Objectives: Institutions should consider how the ISO 20022 transformation can align with their strategic goals, such as enhancing customer experience, improving operational efficiency, or driving innovation.
  • Invest in Data Analytics: ISO 20022 provides a wealth of transaction data that can provide valuable business insights. Institutions should invest in data analytics capabilities to fully capitalize on this potential.
  • Engage Stakeholders: The ISO 20022 transformation impacts multiple stakeholders, from internal teams to customers. It’s essential to engage all stakeholders effectively in the process, ensuring that they understand the value and opportunities that ISO 20022 brings.

Ultimately, while compliance remains a driving factor in the ISO 20022 transformation, it’s crucial for financial institutions to recognize and capitalize on the vast business opportunities it offers. By moving beyond a compliance-centric mindset and embracing the transformative potential of ISO 20022, institutions can drive growth, innovation, and competitive advantage in the increasingly digital world of financial services.

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Sashi Mundhra
Sashi Mundhra
Director Principal Domain, Volante Technologies

Sashi has over 18 years of professional experience in Strategy and Technology Consulting, Pre-Sales, Business Development and Program Management with specialization in Banking & Financial Services projects.


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