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White Papers

Selecting a Payment Hub, 2021-22

Volante Technologies has been recognized as a Leader by Omdia thanks to our co-innovation capabilities, low-code rapid integration platform, and cloud payments as a service (PaaS) strategy.


Cross-Border Payments

Historically, cross-border payments were primarily high-value and relatively low in volume. Over the last decade, however, volumes have risen significantly (including for low-value cross-border). This paper explores the challenges and opportunities that are emerging for banks globally, and how they can make cross border modernization a reality by partnering with Volante.



Real-Time Payments: The Exciting State of The Union

The first RTP transaction between U.S. Bank and BNY Mellon set precedence for financial institutions in the U.S. to improve their payments offering by providing access to real-time account settlement. Volante played a key role in this historic event by providing the modern real-time 24x7 payments technology that underpins BNY Mellon’s RTP infrastructure.


Why Wait To Innovate?

Banks must process higher volumes of payments than ever before, to the extent that 60% of mid-tier banks now identify processing rising wire volumes as a significant challenge in their wire processes operations. Adopting a cloud-based PaaS payments solution can help mid-tier banks overcome many of the traditional challenges of transforming or upgrading legacy payments system.


IDC FinTech Rankings Top 100

Volante Technologies has been named to The IDC FinTech Rankings 2021 for the first time, entering at #67. The recognition follows numerous 2021 industry accolades, including topping the IBS Intelligence Sales League Table in wholesale banking payments and winning the Best Real-Time Payments Solution at the 2021 PayTech Awards.



P27: A Nordic Payments Revolution

Modernisation of payment systems within banks has been a relatively recent change. Changes in clearing systems are even rarer and typically focus on adding a new rail such as instant payments or migrating to a new format such as SEPA. So why are the Nordics doing anything by choice, let alone something so radical as P27?

Payments Modernization US Mid-Tier Banks

Payments Modernization: US Mid-Tier Banks

In 2021, Volante commissioned a national telephone survey of payment operations specialists in mid-tier US banks and credit unions, evenly distributed across US geographies. The survey incorporated interviews with 160 mid-tier financial institutions with assets between $2.5B - $25B, representing a large portion of this market segment.

IBS Sales League Table Report 2021

Sales League Table Report 2021

IBS Intelligence Sales League Table Analysis Ranks Volante #1 with with VolPay. The Sales League Table Report is developed based on the details submitted by over 60 suppliers who are ranked on the SLT, which also captures the details of their wins.

Smart Payments Modernisation with ISO 20022

Smart Payments Modernisation with ISO 20022

While industry deadlines are still evolving, specific milestone dates are less important than the fact that those milestones will be met and are approaching rapidly. The timely migration of UK payments systems to the ISO 20022 standard, and the ability of all ecosystem participants to adopt the standard, is key to meeting the objectives of the NPA.

Accelerating Nordics Payments Modernisation

Accelerating Nordics Payments Modernisation

Financial services payments infrastructures are at the crossroads of global modernisation, with the new ISO 20022 message standard leading the charge as the goal. Driven by regulations and market demands for innovation, the transformation to real-time, cross-border banking transactions is fast and furious.

Payments Modernisation: The Cloud Imperative

Payments Modernisation: The Cloud Imperative

This survey, conducted in early 2021, aimed to quantify trends in payments modernisation, cloud and ‘as-a-service’ delivery models for account-to-account payments. The paper also assesses the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on financial institutions’ own operations, and on the needs and expectations of their customers, and the adoption rate of various domestic and cross-border payment networks.

Digital Modernization In Corporate Banking

Digital Modernization In Corporate Banking

In this executive briefing, Mercator Advisory Group's Steve Murphy explores the need to improve corporate bank products and service delivery capabilities, and reviews some of the key cash cycle support systems that should be at the top of every treasury banker’s list for modernization, including real-time payments, virtual accounts, and ISO 20022.

Aite Frictionless Payments

Frictionless Cross-Border Payments: Alternatives to Correspondent Banking

As the revenue from cross-border payments continues to rise, the options for making cross-border payments are multiplying. This research study from Aite Group provides an overview of the cross-border payments market, the opportunities for banks, and approaches to capturing these opportunities.

Celent Request to Pay

Celent: Request-to-Pay, a Payments Revolution?

Real-time payments have evolved, yet questions remain about the killer application. Enter Request-To-Pay. This white paper from Celent’s Gareth Lodge delves into why RtP is one of the use case heroes of real-time payments, allowing banks and FIs to create new revenue streams and develop deeper customer relationships.

Mercator EB #2: RfP

Mercator: The Essential Role of Request-for-Pay in Real-time Payments Modernization

Real-time payment systems, such as The Clearing House RTP® network, are delivering a nimble technology infrastructure that is the foundation for evolving payment solutions. This executive briefing discusses Request-for-Pay (RfP), a messaging capability paired with RTP that is anticipated to be a leading driver of real-time-payments adoption.

Nacha US Payments 2020

U.S. Corporate Payments: The Check’s No Longer in the Mail

Despite economic threats from the coronavirus pandemic, B2B electronic payments volumes continue to rise at the expense of commercial checks. In this briefing, Nacha and Volante examine the current U.S. corporate payments landscape, highlight the direction in which this landscape is evolving, and identify guidelines for financial institutions to ensure that they can continue to be the payments providers of choice for their customers.

Mercator Paper 1: Wires

Mercator: Modernizing Wire Transfers

Wire transfers represent the vast majority of value exchanges in the United States. In this briefing, Mercator Advisory Group discusses the critical need for financial institutions to extend or replace their legacy wire payments processing infrastructure.

Lipis Advisors Instant Payments White Paper

Lipis Advisors: Payments Resilience in an Always-on Real-time World

The Covid-19 crisis has put the resiliency of the global economy to the test. As a result, digitization and automation are becoming even more important for consumers and businesses around the world. This white paper examines how real-time and instant payments can help financial institutions forge a path forward during an uncertain time.

Fintech Futures ISO 20022 5

Five Success Factors for an Ideal ISO 20022 Migration

ISO 20022 is bringing significant changes to banks and financial institutions worlwide, for domestic and cross-border payments. There are a multitude of operational, infrastructural, and technical considerations and rising to meet them will be key to success in the global migration towards ISO 20022. This paper outlines the five most important factors in a successful migration strategy.

IBSI Sales League Table Extract

IBSI Sales League Table Extract

Volante was named a leader in the IBSI Sales League Report. With a 18-year track record, the IBSI SLT showcases the sales performance of banking technology suppliers, objectively ranking products across 6 conventional back office banking technology categories and 8 new focus areas. The IBSI SLT 2020 includes systems purchases made by over 1,700 banks across 240 products from 62 suppliers across the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa and APAC.

Finextra Impact Study Instant Payments COVID

Impact Study: Instant Payments - Why COVID-19 is Bringing the Roadmap Forward

This impact study will outline why the move to instant payments takes on an increased urgency in the coronavirus age. It explores the benefits of instant payments for banks’ internal operations as well as their customer value propositions. It also examines shifting approaches to business case development, and the increasing relevance of cloud and as-a-service models for instant payment processing.

Open Banking in LatAm Webinar Summary

Why Open Banking is a Big Opportunity for Latin America

Experts from Banorte, Citibanamex, Lloyd's Banking Group, Cecoban, and Volante discuss the challenges, opportunities and technology trends influencing the open banking revolution in Latin America, specifically Mexico, in light of new regulation, data standards, and collaborative efforts between banks and fintechs.

Finextra Impact Study SWIFT gpi

Finextra Impact Study: Adopting SWIFT gpi

SWIFT’s Global Payment Initiative, more commonly known as gpi, is fast becoming the standard for global funds transfers. The need for speed, certainty, and seamless integration in cross-border payments is driven by user expectations of instant services, the digitalisation of traditional payment services, and the streamlining of financial supply chains by banks and corporates.

Celent Core Payments or Payments Core?

Celent: Should Your Payments Business be Separate from Your Core?

One fundamental question keeps reoccurring in banking discussions: Should payments be separate from the core banking system, or should the core banking solution also handle payments? As might be expected there is no one right answer. In this briefing, Celent's Gareth Lodge sets out how banks should think about this important question.

Fedwire Webinar Summary

Why it’s Time for a New Approach to Wire Processing

This paper is a summary of the topics discussed in the webinar, Why it’s Time for a New Approach to Wire Processing, featuring speakers from First American Trust, Deloitte, and Volante. Topics include: the latest wire trends, challenges with current processing options, and how wire payments processing as a service in the cloud can deliver outstanding results at low cost.

Finextra Payments Trends 2020

Finextra Impact Study: Payments, 2020 and Beyond

This impact study explores the distribution of innovation, regulation and disruption across selected domestic and regional payments markets, as well as initiatives with global reach.

Celent: Instant Payments

Celent Report: The Future of Instant Payments

The latest trends, use cases, and considerations for the adoption of instant payments, from Celent and Volante

Cloud and Payments: Clear Transformation Benefits

Cloud and Payments: Clear Transformation Benefits

This executive briefing analyzes the clear benefits of moving payments to the cloud, and addresses the hindrances that may give key decision-makers pause.

IDC Marketscape 2020 - Volante Technologies

IDC Marketscape 2020 - Volante Technologies

Download the report to learn why Volante was named a Leader in the IDC MarketScape for its payments solutions.

IBS Best in class

IBS Intelligence: an executive briefing to building best-in-class payments strategy

The purpose of this executive briefing from IBS Intelligence is to provide insights into the evolving payments strategy of financial institutions, understand the current challenges financial institutions are facing, and how they are planning to tackle these challenges.

Paypers ISO 20022

Paypers: The Great ISO 20022 Adoption

The benefits and strategies for the banking industry around ISO 20022 migration.


Aite: Six Key Steps to Ensuring Greater Success With Corporate Customers

Aite: Six Key Steps to Ensuring Greater Success With Corporate Customers

How corporate banks looking to improve their corporate business can do so through better integration, APIs, cloud technology, and more.

Mercator: Defining The Next Generation of Payments Hubs: Digital Ecosystems

Mercator: Defining The Next Generation of Payments Hubs: Digital Ecosystems

This thought leadership paper focuses on the recent history of payment hubs and the future of payments technology as digital ecosystems.

Real-time payments in the USA: What is holding us back?

Real-time payments in the USA: What is holding us back?

Real-time payments have been slow to take off in the U.S., but things are starting to pick up. Read Volante’s article in the Journal of Digital Banking to learn more about the dynamics of U.S. RTP, and explore approaches to use case commercialization.

Ovum: Volante On The Radar

Ovum: Volante On The Radar

Ovum’s take on how the VolPay ecosystem eases the path to payments transformation.

Clearing and settlement: the new battleground for payments innovation

Clearing and settlement: the new battleground for payments innovation

There is significant innovation and competition afoot in the world of payments initiation, driven by consumers and corporates on the demand side, and traditional banks, fintechs and challengers on the supply side. This is mirrored by what can reasonably be called a revolution in the world of clearing and settlement.