NACHA Payments 2017 Wrap Up

NACHA Payments 2017 Wrap Up

NACHA Payments 2017 Wrap Up

We had a great week at PAYMENTS 2017—from thoughtful debates to productive conversations, we are delighted that this edition of the conference was our most successful yet!

Not surprisingly, and as predicted, the hottest topics this year were real-time payments and blockchain. These seemed to be the things on everyone’s minds, and they found their way into discussions in almost every session of PAYMENTS.

Throughout the conference, there were also many talks and panels around the payments ecosystem, and we had the chance to attend a few of these sessions. Check out our recap of some of the day two sessions:

Corporate Perspectives: The Implications of Faster Payments in the Digital Experience

This panel discussed various concerns and solutions around the idea of faster payments in the industry. Mitigating potential fraud as well as voicing risk concerns were key drivers to the conversation.

The panelists also discussed opportunities to innovate as well as challenges and potential barriers to adoption with faster payments. This session was enlightening and insightful for those who are interested in the different risks (and rewards) in the faster payments space.

Thanks to Matthew Davies of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, Deborah Phillips of Jack Henry & Associates and Raymond Vines of Dean Foods Company for the panel.

Update on the Faster Payments Task Force

The Federal Reserve, alongside nearly 500 payment system stakeholders (including our own Doug Green), has a Faster Payments Task Force that is designed to improve the U.S. payment system and drive the dialogue surrounding how we execute electronic payments. It was interesting to learn more about the task force, as well as hear some updates ahead of its final 2017 report, which will highlight the assessment of faster payments solution proposals.

Special thanks to this excellent panel: Sean Rodriguez of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Kevin Christensen of SHAZAM, Inc., Roy DeCicco of J.P. Morgan, Ian Schweid of Mercantile Bank and Christina Tetreault of Advocacy and Policy from Consumer Reports.

In sum, we want to thank everyone who stopped by our booth and those we had the chance to speak with during the conference. We loved sharing our solutions with you, and we look forward to a fantastic edition of PAYMENTS next year in San Diego!