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VolPay Suite for Payments

Payments are the lifeblood of our financial ecosystem, growing in variety and complexity every day, so financial institutions have to move quickly on changes in the market to take advantage of new opportunities. Learn how Volante Technologies' VolPay Suite for payments can help.

What are the benefits of Payments as a Service?

In this interview Vinay Prabhakar, VP Product Marketing for Volante, discusses the benefits of Payments as a Service, what banks should look for when choosing a cloud-based payments processing service, and how Volante Technologies can help.

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  • Why is payments as a service in the cloud such a hot topic?
  • What should a bank look for in a cloud based payments processing service?
  • Does Volante offer cloud-based payments processing as a service?

Why should banks offer Instant Payments?

In this interview, Vinay Prabhakar, VP Product Marketing for Volante, comments on the importance of offering real-time/instant payments to customers.

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  • Why should banks look at offering instant payments services?
  • What kinds of services should banks look to offer their customers?
  • What is Volante's managed service for instant payments?

In this interview with Finextra, Vinay Prabhakar, VP Product Marketing for Volante Technologies, talks about the industry drivers behind Volante Technologies' FREE real-time / instant payments service.

In this interview with Fintech Finance, Vinay Prabhakar, VP Product Marketing, discusses how Volante fits into the theme of "hyper-connectivity" and what this means for payments modernization.

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  • Where do you fit into this year's Sibos theme: hyperconnectivity?
  • Why is this so important for banks?
  • What are your aims for Sibos 2019?
  • How does open banking fit into payments modernization?

In this webinar, experts from BNY Mellon, NACHA and Volante discuss the landscape, business opportunities, and the challenges created by ISO 20022, and how your institution can create a roadmap to make the most of ISO 20022.

Vinay Prabhakar, VP, Product Marketing at Volante Technologies and Loranne A Pace, SVP, Head of Banking Operations, FIMBank, speak to Finextra at EBADay 2019 in Stockholm about payments as a service in the cloud.

Domenico Scaffidi, Business Development Director and Payments Pre-sales lead for Europe and Asia, Volante, speaks at NextGenBanking Nordics about how financial institutions can generate value-added services from instant payments.

Catherine Kavanagh, Director, Volante, explains how Volante can help firms face the hurdle of commercialising their data lakes.

Nadish Lad, Head of Payments, Volante, discusses the commercialization opportunities and challenges of open banking and PSD2, in this Finextra interview.

ISITC AGM: Fiona Hamilton, Research Director and VP Europe, Volante, and co-chair of the IELG standards and working data group, discusses the financial services world in 2025.

Industry experts from AITE, JWG, Deutsche Bank and Volante discuss the challenges of how to deliver efficient and effective transaction reporting to the growing number of regulators requiring demonstrable compliance.

Nadish Lad, Head of Payments, Volante, talks to Finextra at Sibos about the growing trend towards payments as a service in the cloud.

fiona hamilton talks to finextra

Fiona Hamilton, VP Europe and Asia, Volante, talks to Finextra at Sibos about the importance of SWIFT gpi, the technical challenges around implementing gpi, and how firms can overcome these challenges.

Listen to experts from BNY Mellon, HSBC, Celent and Volante talk about the growing demand for real-time payments, and how financial institutions must respond to this demand.

Nadish Lad, Head of Payments, Volante, shares his perspectives with Microsoft on payments and the rollout of VolPay on Microsoft Azure.

Vijay Oddiraju, CEO, Volante, talks to Microsoft about Volante’s commitment to the cloud, and how cloud can drive innovation in payments.

Dr Neil Clarke, Market Engagement Director, Volante, explores how PSD2 and open banking challenge banks’ business models, and how agile, context aware technologies can help banks comply with the regulation.

Listen to Celent, The Clearing House and Volante discuss use cases, best practices, and key lessons learned from US real-time payments implementations.

Chris Stares, Principal Technical Consultant, Volante, talks to Financial IT about the challenges around payments integrations, and how Volante helps clients overcome these challenges.