Volante Technologies supports SWIFT Standards Release 2015

Enabling support for enhanced sanctions screening in payments messages

NEW YORK, LONDON, 4 March 2015 – Volante Technologies, a global leader in the provision of software for the integration, validation and processing of financial messages and data, today announced the release and support of the latest SWIFT Standards Release 2015 update. Volante has supported SWIFT standards for over a decade and is considered to be a trusted SWIFT messaging vendor.

Volante is committed to tracking new and evolving financial message standards to ensure that updates are embedded in the core technology which ensures off-the-shelf readiness to changing conditions. Available as ‘plug-ins’ to the Volante Designer modeling tool-kit, Volante supports the complete catalog of all SWIFT messages and all SWIFT Network Validated rules specified in SR 2015, including support for enhanced sanctions screening in payments.

Volante is built upon the foundation of continually delivering and maintaining a broad library of pre-built ‘plug-ins’ covering over seventy international and domestic standards. The Volante inventory of ‘plug-ins’ accelerates standards migration projects and ensures on-going compatibility with evolving market requirements. As part of this commitment, Volante also tracks the evolution of standards across the globe with a dedicated team focused on following and contributing to the process to ensure that its customers are enabled and compliant ahead of their competitors.

Volante Designer enables SWIFT integration to any application, database or network environment. Its Intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) enables the transformation of message data from one format or standard to another and includes advanced functions including validation logic, enrichment, workflow and orchestration capabilities. Automated documentation is generated each time new versions are created which dramatically increases end-users’ integration project timelines.

Venkat Malla, Vice President, Product Management, Volante Technologies, said, “We continue to work closely with all the organizations behind every financial standard that we support, this means that our customers benefit from shared in-depth knowledge. We are passionate about ensuring that changes in standards are built into our products quickly so that our clients have as much time as possible to make appropriate changes within their processes involving financial messages and data. This also gives our customers the opportunity to test updates thoroughly before proceeding to production which dramatically reduces cost and effort required to implement new standards and maintain existing ones, and helps avoid operational risk scenarios.”