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Of corporate banks say that integration is the single biggest obstacle to achieving their customer experience goals

Integrating with New Corporate Customers is Hard. Corporate clients need banks to process their payments quickly and efficiently, in their preferred formats. They need better straight-through processing and ease of connecting to their ERP systems. Historically this has taken months of effort with hundreds of developer hours.

Reducing Time to Onboard is Critical. The ability to onboard corporate clients fast, is a core competitive advantage. Yet, banks still struggle with proprietary financial messaging format requirements – dramatically increasing the time it takes to onboard clients.

Volante’s QuickConnect solves this challenge by allowing banks to handle complex corporate integrations without custom development. QuickConnect’s intuitive, wizard-driven approach, empowers a bank’s business lines to onboard and integrate new corporate clients, quickly and efficiently.

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Volante QuickConnect for Corporate to Bank Integrations

With QuickConnect, integrating corporate customer and bank systems is simple. Using intuitive, wizard-driven user interfaces banks can easily define integration types. They visually map and validate data formats to and from clients, test those integrations, and finally deploy live instances of those integration services – all within a single platform.


  • Onboard more clients in shorter time – driving more growth
  • Offer best-in-class transaction banking services
  • Handle any standard or proprietary formats
  • Bridge gaps between modern and legacy applications
  • Reduce IT’s corporate onboarding efforts
  • Join the ISO 20022 revolution

Corporate Customers

  • Improve the customer experience
  • Continue to use existing treasury and ERP formats
  • Receive statements in preferred formats
  • Reduce delays in processing
  • Improve straight-through processing
  • Take advantage of ISO 20022 and real-time processing

4 of the Top 5 Corporate Banks Trust Volante

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