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Volante Technologies launches accelerator for bank integration to Ripple’s distributed financial technology

Building on the VolPay Hub Ripple integration capability launched in October 2015, Volante’s new Ripple solution, available as a component of the VolPay Foundation payments development platform, offers the same functionality across any bank, treasury or payment platform.

VolPay for Ripple

Innovate for your customers by offering quick and easy connectivity to Ripple’s blockchain-based global cross-border payments network. Contact us for more information on VolPay.

Volante technologies vol pay suite of payment integration and processing products are ripple ready

Offering further choice for Volante’s clients and the wider market looking to take advantage of new and alternative payment mechanisms

Ripple, Visa B2B, SWIFT gpi, Crypto, CBDCs: A Guide For The Perplexed

Most traditional bank cross-border payment services are based on correspondent banking, which is slow, expensive, and opaque. Fortunately there are now a number of viable options for banks to rise to the challenge.

VolPay Cross-Border Payments | SWIFT gpi, Ripple, Visa B2B, Visa Direct and more

Consumers and businesses want better, faster cross-border payments options. Real-time 24×7 services are in demand everywhere, and cross-border is no exception. But traditional correspondent banking is slow, expensive and opaque. Banks must improve their cross-border services. Next-generation cross-border mechanisms–SWIFT gpi, Ripple, Visa B2B, Visa Direct, and others–are rapidly gaining traction.

Payments Solutions for EU Financial Institutions

Competition in European payments is heating up. PSD2 and open banking have opened up the way for new entrants to capture more of Europe’s lucrative $230bn payments market. Traditional European financial institutions and payment services providers, as well as their neobank challengers, must differentiate themselves in order to grow market share.

Central & Eastern Europe

Payments in CEE are changing fast. SEPA Instant and other real-time payment networks are accelerating the move to a cashless digital economy. SWIFT is migrating to ISO 20022, as is TARGET2. Innovations like SWIFT gpi, Ripple, and Visa B2B Connect, are revolutionizing cross-border payments in the region.  Modern payments require modern payments technology.


La competencia en los pagos europeos se está intensificando. El PSD2 y el Open Banking han abierto el camino para que los nuevos participantes puedan capturar mas del ya lucrativo mercado Europeo de pagos con valor de 230.000 millones de dólares.


The world of payments is changing rapidly. Real-time / instant payments, ISO 20022, and modern cross-border schemes are revolutionizing clearing and settlement. Open banking is creating new opportunities, and new competitors. With the Internet of Things, any connected device can be a customer experience channel.

Open Banking

Volante Open Banking An extensible platform for payment initiation, account access, and other API-based open banking services that can be deployed as an integrated stand-alone solution or co-exist with existing assets.

Canadian Payments Modernization

Canadian payments modernization is in full swing.

ISO 20022 Migration

All financial institutions need an ISO 20022 solution. For large financial institutions with multiple direct market infrastructure connections including SWIFT for cross-border payments, ISO 20022 modernization offers significant opportunities in the form of improved straight-through processing, richer payment data, and enhanced interoperability. Banks face implementation challenges.