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19 May 2020

by Vinay Prabhakar

May the force be with us: in real time

May 4, 2020 was a landmark day for several reasons. It’s “Star Wars Day”: the day each year...

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11 May 2020

Finextra Impact Study: How to Adopt SWIFT gpi by the 2020 Deadline - Build, Buy, Outsource or Collaborate?

The ongoing coronavirus crisis has illustrated the vital importance of the undisrupted continuation of...

by Domenico Scaffidi

24 April 2020

Why bank payment systems should reach for the cloud

As U.S. banks focus on business continuity and keeping money flowing through a rapidly...

by Editorial

08 April 2020

Why it’s time for a new approach to wire processing

The wire transfer industry is going through a transformation, with volumes having grown by 5.8% over the...

by Editorial

25 March 2020

Covid-19: An update for our community

As a global organization, Volante has been closely monitoring the developments around COVID-19 at all our office and customer locations.

by Vijay Oddiraju

11 March 2020

Volante named a Leader in IDC Marketscape for integrated payments providers

Volante Technologies is proud to have been named a Leader in the IDC Marketscape: Worldwide Integrated...

by Editorial

02 March 2020

Finextra Global Impact Study: Payments, 2020 and Beyond

The payments industry is going through a profound transformation. Market participants are under...

by Editorial

03 February 2020

Instant Payments, Hurry Up Already!

With the right outlook, technology and global cooperation, the future of instant payments looks bright.

by Gareth Lodge

17 December 2019

Real-time payments are here, ready to climb aboard for a FREE trip?

Real-time payments are here, transforming the way people and organizations do business. Prevalent in the...

by Deepak Gupta

27 November 2019

Middle East focus: Building best in class payments strategy

IBSI Research indicates 70-80% of the financial institutions in the...

by Editorial