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10 August 2020

by Colin Adams

Boosting Payment System Resiliency with Real-time Payments

Learn more about the resiliency benefits that RTP and SEPA instant payments bring plus how European banks can unlock these benefits without sacrificing their existing business or undergoing a full-scale IT overhaul.

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03 August 2020

Taking Volante To The Next Level

Volante's CEO Vijay Oddiraju talks about the recent $35m the company received in funding, the Volante journey and the company’s future plans.

by Vijay Oddiraju

16 July 2020

Covid-19 Moves Up Instant Payments Roadmap

Analysts explore how a cloud-based instant payments system greatly improves resiliency and can create a competitive advantage.

by Domenico Scaffidi

10 July 2020

What an Ideal ISO 20022 Migration Looks Like

The payments message migration by major banks and SWIFT to ISO 20022 represents an unparalleled...

by Anne Levonen

15 June 2020

Wired for the cloud: why US financial institutions are finally retiring their legacy wire processing systems

If we were to pick one word today to capture the mood of U.S. financial institutions around their payments businesses, and particularly wire processing, it would have to be: “resiliency.”

by Deepak Gupta

05 June 2020

Celent Report: Payments - Your Core Business or Just Business For Your Core?

The payments industry is undergoing unprecedented change. The advent of ISO 20022...

by Gareth Lodge

19 May 2020

May the force be with us: in real time

May 4, 2020 was a landmark day for several reasons. It’s “Star Wars Day”: the day each year...

by Vinay Prabhakar

11 May 2020

Finextra Impact Study: How to Adopt SWIFT gpi by the 2020 Deadline - Build, Buy, Outsource or Collaborate?

The ongoing coronavirus crisis has illustrated the vital importance of the undisrupted continuation of...

by Domenico Scaffidi

24 April 2020

Why bank payment systems should reach for the cloud

As U.S. banks focus on business continuity and keeping money flowing through a rapidly...

by Editorial

08 April 2020

Why it’s time for a new approach to wire processing

The wire transfer industry is going through a transformation, with volumes having grown by 5.8% over the...

by Editorial