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The world of treasury and capital markets

09 May 2019
by Editorial, Volante Technologies

The world of treasury and capital markets

The regulatory introduction of payments schemes such as SEPA started the ball rolling by mandating the adoption of ISO 20022-based messaging, which was richer than the preexisting proprietary or SWIFT MT-based formats in the ability to carry more detailed and semantically correct information. Technology over the past decade or so has transformed the consumer experience of sending or receiving payments, and more importantly the expectation of immediacy and visibility via apps such as PayPal, Apple Pay and so on. These have then driven the global explosion of real-time payments solutions within the wholesale markets, such as SEPA CT Inst, TIPS, TCH RTP, Ripple and dozens of other schemes across the globe and consumer-related regulations such as PSD2/Open Banking that are embracing the API economy.

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