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Making a difference, one paw at a time: A Volanteer's tale of compassion

Natalia Vergara
Corporate Marketing Manager, Volante Technologies

I recently had the opportunity to engage in a heartwarming volunteer activity that touched the lives of some of the most vulnerable beings in our society: caring for abandoned dogs and cats. 

Colombia is home to an estimated 3 million homeless dogs and cats, with around 66,000 of them stranded in my hometown, the city of Bogota. Additionally, nearly 2,000 of these precious animals are residing in shelters, yearning for a loving, permanent home. Each of these furry friends carries a unique and often challenging history. 

At Volante, we firmly believe that positive change starts with our actions, and social responsibility lies at the core of everything we do. It is with this belief that we decided to join forces with Pets Angels, a remarkable foundation dedicated to rescuing and caring for these animals. What started as a social enterprise supporting other organizations has now evolved into a non-profit foundation committed to rescuing all homeless furry beings. 

Our team at Volante stepped up to make a difference, and it was a humbling experience. We donated food, administered deworming medicine and vaccines to thirty cats and dogs, and most importantly, we spent quality time with these furry friends, playing and learning about their needs. 

These efforts align with Volante’s three pillars of social responsibility: community wellness, education for all, and environmental protection. This event’s driving focus was on community wellness, as we strived to build a more equitable and sustainable world through the combined efforts of our global ONE TEAM, the Volanteers. 

As a Volanteer, this experience was enriching and profoundly satisfying. I have always felt a deep connection with animals, and witnessing the abandonment and mistreatment they endure each day saddens me. Animals are cherished members of our families, and they help us get through tough times. 

So it’s fitting that by contributing our own time through this Volanteer program, we can ensure that these animals receive the love and respect they rightfully deserve. Moreover, we offer a second chance to those who might be in a vulnerable state due to health conditions. 

The joy and gratitude we received from those furry friends was immeasurable. Witnessing their happiness and knowing that we made a difference in their lives was a heartwarming and memorable experience. It reaffirmed our belief that every small action, when done collectively, can create ripples of goodness that spread far and wide. 

That’s why Volante’s commitment to social responsibility is much more than just a corporate value. Dedicated Volanteers contribute toward making the world a better place. We understand that no single corporation can achieve this alone, but when we come together as a community, we can break barriers, and inspire real change. 

Whether you choose to support animal rescue organizations, care for stray animals, or simply be a responsible pet owner, we all have the power to make a difference. Together, we can build a world that is kinder, more loving, and inclusive – one paw, one step, one smile at a time. 

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Natalia Vergara
Natalia Vergara
Corporate Marketing Manager, Volante Technologies

Natalia has an extensive background in marketing and corporate roles at Volante, where she has dedicated six years of her professional journey. In her free time, she enjoys volunteer work across various projects.


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