Payments Solutions for Middle East Financial Institutions
Instant Payments | ISO 20022 | Cross-border, and more

Payments Solutions for Middle East Financial Institutions
Instant Payments | ISO 20022 | Cross-border, and more

Payments Solutions for Middle East Financial Institutions

First Instant payment in Saudi Arabia processed by Volante.

Middle East payments are speeding up. As the region continues its path toward instant payments, banks need to develop faster and more sophisticated technology platforms to comply with regulations and meet customer demands. With all the developments taking place, GCC RTGS, BUNA, SWIFT gpi, to name a few, banks in the Middle East have many competing priorities to contend with.

Compliance is just the beginning. Banks in the region will need to go beyond mere compliance, building nimble platforms that are able to process instant payments, cross-border payments, ISO 20022 messages, all while connecting to various APIs in an open banking environment.

The path to modernization lies in the cloud. Early adopters of a "cloud first" strategy will prove to be the winners in an increasing competitive landscape. Volante's cloud-native technology allows banks to build out services and capabilities in stages, at their own pace, giving them room to meet requirement deadlines first, then incrementally add features and capabilities to deliver superior services to their customers for years to come.

The Future of Payments Technology

Watch this three-minute video to learn how you can leverage our VolPay technology to take your payments business to the next level.

"This partnership is a rich synergy of software and local presence which will provide Egyptian banks with Volante’s real-time and cloud-native payments solutions combined with on the ground implementation and expertise. Customers across Egypt will be the ultimate winners here"

Camille Ziade, Managing Director of MDSL

Inside Look: Future of Payments MEA Roundtable

An inside look at the recent private roundtable discussion on winning strategies in MEA payments, hosted by Volante in cooperation with MEA Finance Magazine, with the participation of ADIB, Citi, Commercial Bank of Dubai, Emirates NBD, Magnati, Mashreq, Standard Chartered Bank, Microsoft, and SWIFT.

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Middle East Payment Solutions

VolPay allows Middle East banks to configure a payment solution that meets their specific needs, providing them with the only multi-network managed service solution, available on premise or in the cloud.

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Instant Payments

Deploy new 24x7 real-time value-added services, connect to a wide range of real-time clearings, and manage liquidity in real-time. All in a single rapidly deployable end-to-end solution, on-premise or in the cloud.

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ISO 20022 Migration

VolPay for ISO 20022 Migration addresses the challenges of variable timelines, legacy systems, data truncation, and more, allowing banks to meet mandatory deadlines without requiring changes to legacy systems

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Domestic and Cross-border

One cloud-native, API-based solution for all your cross-border payment clearing and settlement needs, from traditional SWIFT correspondent payments to next-generation alternatives.

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Corporate to Bank Automation

Powered by hundreds of inbuilt libraries and APIs, this solution allows for rapidly accommodating corporate payment files and acknowledgement formats of all kinds, without custom development.

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