We reduced time to onboard corporates from 8 to 3 months...

...revenue improved by 600%.


Automation with Volante

compressed the project into 8 weeks

– we expected it to take 6 months.


Volante provides a simple, easy to use interface

that manages financial messaging complexity.


With Volante we are win win –

reduce operational risk, improve service levels, respond to customers quicker, and build our reputational profile.

Volante provides financial message and data integration, validation and processing software.

Since 2001, Volante has been entirely focused on addressing the complexities of message and data integration and the challenges of processing and orchestration of payments so that customers can take full advantage of their commercial opportunities.

Our products, used by more than 80 financial institutions and corporates around the world, include pre-built plug-ins for over 70 international and domestic payment standards which helps firms navigate and deal with the diverse, complex and ever-expanding mass of data message formats, standards and protocols throughout the lifecycle of every financial transaction.

Our products enable firms to improve their straight-through-processing (STP) rates, increase operational efficiency and reduce cost and risk.


Fiona Hamilton, Vice President Europe and Asia discusses the merits of the FIX standard at FIX EMEA 2015 and the on-going regulatory and compliance challenges facing customers.


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