The Volante Advantage:

Reduced time to comply

We reduced our time to comply with regulatory changes from 8 to 3 months - this gave us more time to focus on our core business.

Cut Costs

Automation with Volante compressed the project into 8 weeks – we expected it to take 6 months.

Less Complexity

Volante provides a simple, easy to use interface that manages financial messaging complexity.

Increased Flexibility

With Volante we are win win – reduce operational risk, improve service levels, respond to customers quicker, and build our reputational profile.

Insulation from Change

We are protected from the complexity of external change - we now experience much less change in our core systems because of this

Faster time to revenue

Customer on-boarding and payments integration is significantly quicker and less complex now - this means increased business agility and faster time to revenue

Be in Control

We don’t depend on external specialists for our projects so much now. With the automation, configuration and plugin libraries, we move faster and are more self-sufficient.

Accelerated payments and financial message integration, processing and orchestration

Since 2001, Volante has been successfully addressing challenges around the integration, on-boarding, processing and orchestration of payments and financial messages.

We are totally committed to creating products that enhance business agility to allow financial institutions to quickly take advantage of business opportunities as they arise.

The inherent properties within all Volante products, including: extensive automation, a large maintained library of ready-made plugins, configuration rather than coding and inbuilt testing, promise significantly accelerated implementations and transformation projects at much lower costs than alternative solutions.

Webinar: The Practical Realities of Transaction Reporting in 2018

28 February 2018 at 3pm GMT

Join experts from AITE, JWG, Deutsche Bank, and Volante in a debate during which we will answer several burning questions around the challenges of how to deliver efficient and effective transaction reporting to the growing number of regulators requiring demonstrable compliance.

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Payments are the lifeblood of our financial ecosystem, growing in variety and complexity every day, so financial institutions have to move quickly on changes in the market to take advantage of new opportunities. Learn how Volante Technologies' VolPay Suite for payments can help.


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