The Volante Advantage:

Reduced time to comply

We reduced our time to comply with regulatory changes from 8 to 3 months - this gave us more time to focus on our core business.

Cut Costs

Automation with Volante compressed the project into 8 weeks – we expected it to take 6 months.

Less Complexity

Volante provides a simple, easy to use interface that manages financial messaging complexity.

Increased Flexibility

With Volante we are win win – reduce operational risk, improve service levels, respond to customers quicker, and build our reputational profile.

Insulation from Change

We are protected from the complexity of external change - we now experience much less change in our core systems because of this

Simplifying complexity in financial messages and payments integration, processing and orchestration

Since 2001, Volante has been entirely focused on addressing the complexities of financial message and data integration and the challenges in channel on-boarding, processing and orchestration of payments so that clients can take full advantage of their commercial opportunities.

Our products, used by more than 80 financial institutions and corporate enterprises around the world, include access to a growing and maintained library of over 330 pre-built international and domestic message standards plugins and transformations. This enables firms to navigate and deal with the diverse, complex and ever-expanding mass of data message formats, standards and protocols throughout the life-cycle of every financial transaction. The overall result is increased business agility and the 'insulation' of internal systems from the complexity of external change in financial message standards.

Our products enable firms to improve their straight-through-processing (STP) rates, increase operational efficiency and reduce cost and risk.


Volante’s principal consultant explains how VolPay can help the payments industry

  • Introduction to Chris Stares
  • What are the main challenges of integrating financial messages and payment flows?
  • How does Volante go about reducing message and payments integration challenges?
  • What is the VolPay suite of Products?
  • What are the Business Benefits of VolPay and the Designer products?


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