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FedNow instant payment service launch

FedNowSM will be here soon! The Federal Reserve’s new service will enable individuals and businesses to send and receive account-to-account instant payments 24x7x365, and will be available to all depository institutions in the U.S by 2023.

How should financial institutions respond? FedNow is an outstanding opportunity to bring compelling new instant payment services to market. With The Clearing House’s RTP® network live and growing, real-time/instant payments are here to stay. Start testing your connectivity now, so you can be live on Day 1.

Volante offers the fastest path to evolve your business with FedNow. We processed the first-ever US RTP transaction, and today more U.S. real-time payments are powered by Volante than any other provider. With our cloud-native FedNow service, you can be transacting in a matter of weeks, so you can focus on building customer-centric services fast – no core updates needed.

Join the Real-time payments revolution, today.

Fireside Chat On-demand

For the answers to your pressing questions on FedNow, watch on-demand our fireside chat featuring Volante’s Melissa Burns, Director Payments, North America and the Federal Reserve’s Dan Gonzalez, Director, National and Processor Accounts.

Solution Benefits

All The Features You Need

  • All FedNow message types including Request For Pay
  • Send and receive, clear and settle 24x7x365
  • Built-in sanctions, fraud, and liquidity management
  • Value-added services ready to deploy

Easy To Integrate and Extend

  • Extensible to ACH, wire, RTP, SWIFT and other payment types
  • Works with any core system, no upgrade needed
  • Compatible with all channels
  • 300+ APIs

Advanced Instant Payment Technology

  • ISO 20022 fluent
  • Resilient active-active cloud deployment, zero downtime
  • Secure and private: ISO 27001, SOC1, SOC2, PCI DSS certified
  • Proven performance – 46m+ transactions/hour in the cloud

Your Trusted, Proven Instant Payments Partner

  • First-ever US RTP processed by Volante
  • Largest-volume processor of US RTP in the market
  • First end-to-end instant payment in Saudi Arabia
  • Winner, Best Real-time Payment Solution, 2021 PayTech Awards

We are creating the building blocks for an integrated payments ecosystem both for today’s needs and for the next generation. This approach allowed us to be first to market with RTP and will also serve us well over the long term

Saket Sharma, CIO, BNY Mellon Treasury Services

With Volante we can ride the real-time payments wave and be an early adopter without any of the technical hurdles associated with launching a real-time payments offering

Michael Palmer, Chief Operating Officer, TAB Bank

Volante is a smaller technology provider but has attracted an impressive list of customers. They have a compelling technology stack with full support for cloud deployments

Aaron Press, Research Director for IDC’s Worldwide Payments Strategies

The Volante Experience™ brings the speed, lower cost and simplicity of the modern SaaS customer onboarding experience to banks and financial institutions adopting Volante’s cloud-native payments solutions.

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